A Painted Winter (Paperback)

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A Painted Winter (Paperback)


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In the misty highlands of fourth century Scotland, two Pictish brothers conspire with the Ancient People from beyond the Great Wall to attack the Romans.

Roman power in Britannia is weakening. Brothers Brei and Taran, Princes and warriors of a Pictish Kingdom, seek revenge against the Romans for attacking their city, killing their father, and taking their mother as a slave.

The sudden arrival of Sorsha, a mysterious woman with an incredible gift, sets the brothers on a path to warfare.

A Painted Winter is book one of the four-part Pictish Conspiracy series. H. Barnard's debut novel blends historical fiction and Celtic mythology in a thrilling adventure that will leave you wondering who the real barbarians are ....

Product Details ISBN: 9780645042900
ISBN-10: 0645042900
Publisher: Shadowfax Publishing Pty Ltd
Publication Date: December 21st, 2021
Pages: 342
Language: English