Never Doubt You're Loved: My Kind of Family (Paperback)

Never Doubt You're Loved: My Kind of Family By Tina L. Walker (Illustrator), Shannon D. Rhodes Cover Image

Never Doubt You're Loved: My Kind of Family (Paperback)


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Children can learn valuable lessons from books written just for them, and the more deeply that they can identify with the characters that the story introduces, the more impact its lesson can have. "Never Doubt You're Loved: My Kind of Family" is a book that goes beyond the basic children's story by making your family the stars, allowing your child to deeply interact with the text while learning its important message.

In "Never Doubt You're Loved: My Kind of Family," your child will be presented with a situation that he or she is likely familiar with--being unable to fall asleep at night. The child lies awake, feeling lonely and unable to relax; however, recalling all of the special ways that they experienced love throughout the day leads them to realize that they are never alone. They are always loved. This powerful message resonates deeply with children of all ages and will give them the tools to self-soothe and calm when they experience emotions that are similar to the child in the story.

"Never Doubt You're Loved: My Kind of Family" is a unique children's book in that it arrives waiting for your child to customize it. The names and pronouns are left blank and the pages are left uncolored. With crayons and a pencil or pen, your child can fill in the story to make it about himself or herself with or without your assistance. Once the story is customized, your child will be able to easily imagine himself or herself in the story, making it deeply personal and educational.

With "Never Doubt You're Loved: My Kind of Family," you can tailor the experience to the appropriate level for your child as follows:

For babies to age 2: You complete the story with the names and pronouns as desired. Color it to share with your little one or wait until he or she is older and give him or her the freedom to add the color.

For ages 3 to 5: You write the names and pronouns on the pages, allowing your child to dictate what is written. Work together to color and customize the pictures. You may want to have your child customize you, while you customize your child or let him or her do all of the coloring while you provide guidance. Share simple answers to the questions at the end of the book.

For ages 6 to 8: Give the book to your child and explain how to complete and customize it. Let him or her take on all of the completion and customizing and then share it together. After the initial reading, review the questions at the back of the book to spark conversation and reinforce the lessons learned.

"Never Doubt You're Loved: My Kind of Family" makes your child and the rest of your family the stars of the story and teaches a beautiful lesson while entertaining and encouraging family time.

As the face of "family" changes in the US to look more non-traditional, it is increasingly important that the children who belong in those families feel accepted, included and loved. I was inspired to write this series by the many facets of my personal life. As a survivor of an unfortunate childhood trauma, I understand the value and need for open communication with your child. When it comes to experience... let's just say my spectrum is pretty broad. From winning the State High School Debate Championship to having a commercial drivers license and working assembly line shift-work during college summers. From being a Baptist Church Youth Pastor and an Arkansas Razorback Pom Squad member to getting kicked out of church when they found out I was dating a woman. From the sadness of a miscarriage and multiple failed IUI attempts to being victim of TWO frauds while attempting open private adoption and joyfully to the thrill of a finalized adoption. I live, alive. No regrets, because it's the lessons I've learned through pain that have made me who I am today. When my daughter asked why her family didn't look like the families in her favorite books, I decided it was time to follow my heart. I took my years of experience, journals, and creativity and created My Kind of Family. A series where the child and caregiver are gender, skin tone, eye color and hair neutral, allowing YOUR child to create a family that is just like YOURS.
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