The History of Waucoma Bookstore

Sally purchased Waucoma Books and Herbs in 1976.  The store was located right around the corner from the current location on 2nd and Oak St. (where Flow Yoga is).  Sally kept the books, the teas, spices, coffee and their stationery.   Sally and Charley built bookshelves out of lumber from Hanel Mill (which are still in use) and drove their Volkswagen bus to a book distributor in Seattle to load up on their first inventory.

In 1979, the bookstore moved down the block to the lobby of the Hood River Hotel.  Then in 1982, they settled into the current store location.  

Waucoma celebrated its 30th anniversary in October 2006.  The Hood River News wrote an article on Waucoma's 30th Anniversary.

In April 2008, Muir & Jenny purchased Waucoma Bookstore from Sally, who has known Muir's family for many years.  Waucoma is Muir's childhood bookstore, and his favorite memory of Waucoma is walking back to the children's section and smelling the aroma of freshly ground coffee in the store.

Waucoma Bookstore, current location, 1982

Waucoma Bookstore, current location, 2008


Ribbon Cutting, April 2008: Charley, Sally, Muir, & Jenny

Ribbon Cutting, April 2008: Jenny, Muir & Sally