Good Food, Great Medicine by Miles Hassell MD and Mea Hassell

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Good Food Great Medicine Cover ImageAbout the Book:

Follow the evidence!  288 easy-to-read pages presenting the powerful medical evidence that supports the case for a whole food Mediterranean-diet-and-exercise-based lifestyle, with 185 simple recipes. Use Good Food, Great Medicine to:
1. Prevent and treat heart disease
2. Reverse the metabolic syndrome
3. Prevent and treat type 2 diabetes
4. Improve cholesterol levels
5. Control high blood pressure
6. Reduce risks of dementia and cancer
7. Lose weight without deprivation


About the Author:

Miles Hassell, MD

An internal medicine practice emphasizing evidence-based nutritional lifestyle management in the context of a thorough traditional medical model.  Knowledge is power! Our goal is to place the tools for change in your hands.



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