Rollin' on the River - Columbia River Pilots: RiverTales, History & Commerce

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Rollin' on the RiverColumbia River Pilots: RiverTales, History & Commerceby John Rekart Jr.  Rollin' on the River is the definitive story of the creation of the Columbia River Pilots and how they move ocean-going vessels from Astoria as far upriver as Portland and Vancouver.  Most of the pilots gained their experience on the middle and upper Columbia River moving tugs and barges filled with various commodities.  The movement of these products is detailed from their source until they finally move along the Columbia towards the ports of Portland, Vancouver, Kalama, Longview and Rainier.  This is a never-before-told history and daily operational function of a vital group of women and men and how they worked their way into the job.  All of the inner workings are explained and the coordination detailed between various agencies designed to protect the consumers in America and around the world.  

Rollin' On The River by John Rekart Jr
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